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Tank Williams seeks to boost boxing with farewell contests

Sherman “Tank” Williams

At 44, Sherman “Tank” Williams is quite aware that his competitive days in the ring are numbered. He has been one of the great sports ambassadors of his era for The Bahamas. Williams has fought as a professional for 20 years. He is a noted fistic figure on three continents. He won several regional titles…
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IAAF World Relays forum affords student/athletes prime exposure

D’Ajonae Jayawardana

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Relays, as a part of the Bahamian landscape, is ultra significant. It’s a sports tourism product of the highest order. It is with good reason that Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Dr. Daniel Johnson has been so passionate about negotiating on behalf of the Government of…
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Michael Mathieu better suited to lead men’s 400 meters corps


Suddenly, in historical fashion, Grand Bahama’s Michael Mathieu has emerged as the appropriate leadership model for the nation’s men quarter milers. Although, I know of no official statement by Chris Brown that he is retired or retiring soon, there is a general understanding that the end is near for the greatest 400 meters sprinter (longevity-wise)…
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Shaunae carries on Miller sports tradition

Shaunae Miller

During the early 1940s when Leroy Miller was growing up in the Berry Islands and showing athletic promise, he had no idea of the prominent line of quality performers in track and field he would produce. Bahamian families steeped in sports excellence include the Rodgers (Andre, Lionel, Adrian, Roy, Randy); the Fords (Wenty, Eddie, Mario,…
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