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Man “for all seasons,” Dr. Roberts passes on

SPECIAL SPORTS SCOPE One of the most well-rounded citizens of the world, Dr. Patrick Roberts, died on Saturday morning past. He touched so many, in multiple facets of life, that the mourning will be widespread, inclusive of the producer of this column. With the passing of this lively, energetic, humanitarian, those of us who were…
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Grandson of Godwin Blyden, Cummings, UK wide receiver

In photo at left is Izayah Cummings and at right is Natasha Blyden-Cummings.

Five years ago, he left us for eternity. I have no doubt though, that if he was with us today, Godwin Blyden, the quiet, consummate linebacker, with the giant heart, would be smiling and happily nodding his head over the news that his grandson, Izayah Cummings is a freshman wide receiver at the University of…
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Lou Adderley, national sports hero prototype


The coronavirus has the primary focus of the world. This disease has impacted life throughout the globe, and, in The Bahamas, much of what is customary, has come to a screeching halt. Nevertheless, as with other countries, segments of life remain ongoing. We’ve not stopped living. So, it is, that there are indeed plans for…
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Greater sports focus advocated for selection of National Heroes

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert (left) Minnis and Mark Humes

Firstly, let me express my support for the National Honours. One of the positive undertakings of this Free National Movement Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, has been bringing on stream the National Honours. For more than two decades, Rev. Sebastian Campbell and others lobbied for a special awards format to…
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