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Coach Moon expanding HOYTES program into league competitions

Coach Gladstone ‘Moon’ McPhee (left) with his HOYTES (Helping Out Youth Through Education and Sports) program, is embarking on an island “outreach experience” that will be taken throughout Grand Bahama.

For over four decades the venerable Coach Gladstone “Moon” McPhee has been s staple item of basketball development in Grand Bahama. It was he, as the mentor of the once Catholic High juggernaut, who blazed an amazing trail. At Catholic High, he fashioned a basketball template during the 1970s that demonstrated to all of Grand…
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Promoter Seifert goes after CBC Caribbean Zonal bout

Promoter Vincent Seifert is presently seeking to bring professional boxing activity, with a Commonwealth Boxing Council flavor, to The Bahamas. Seifert, presently, is networking through The Bahamas Boxing Commission (BBC) with representatives of the Commonwealth Boxing Council to deliver a regional title bout. He is pursuing the Commonwealth Boxing Council Caribbean Zonal Lightweight Championship. Already,…
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Sports Minister Pintard has opportunity to direct greater balance of govt. funding

MICHAEL PINTARD, MP Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

Last Wednesday (October 4) in the House of Assembly, Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest presented many compelling figures to the nation. He took listeners down a scary path and made it clear that his job in leading the way for the country to put its financial house in order, will be an extremely tough…
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Commonwealth boxing body, WBC now formally affiliated

At the recent World Boxing Council (WBC) Annual General Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) became formally affiliated. There had been a long-standing relationship between the two world boxing organizations. However, in order to secure a greater outreach for its membership, the CBC opted for a full, closer, more bonding connection. CBC…
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