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Staying under control, proving “deliverables” best for Johnson

DR. DANIEL JOHNSON, former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture

It was unfortunate that Dr. Danny Johnson spiraled out of control, when being interviewed on Star 106 Radio’s show “The Hit Back,” hosted by Nahaja Black. When he accepted the invite for the show, he should have understood that the hot topic of over one million dollars going to a company and no work allegedly…
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Gordon Carey, another iconic sports fraternity member dies


It’s a safe bet that prior to reading this column, if the name Gordon Carey was mentioned in a conversation, some very prominent members of today’s softball fraternity would have had absolutely no idea of the contributions he made to the development of the sport as its director for a significant period. Needless to say,…
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Osborne “Goose” Lockhart 1st Bahamian enshrined in pro basketball hall of fame

Inducted – Former Globetrotter point guard great Osborne Lockhart, centre was inducted in to into the Globtrotters Hall of fame in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past Sunday.

Osborne “Goose” Lockhart has finally made his own very special Bahamian historic breakthrough. He owns a place in history that will belong only to him, forever. He is the first Bahamian professional basketball player to be enshrined in a world hall of fame category for that sport. This past Sunday, the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters Organization,…
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