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Govt. silent on preparation for 2017 IAAF World Relays

Prime Minister Perry Christie

In past, for the two previous International Association of Athletic Federation’s World Relays, the Government of The Bahamas had the Local Organization Committee mobilized and early preparations were visible.   We are right upon the mid-way point in the first month of the year and nothing has been said about the planning for the third…
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Archer has high expectations for golf in Northern Region

Bahamas Golf Federation President Glen Archer

Bahamas Golf Federation President Glen Archer spoke the words “Northern Region Golf” and followed with a question.   “What does that really mean? We, for a long time now have been speaking about regional golf development, but we haven’t been able to put in place substantive programs comparable to what for instance “Northern Region” development…
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Jamaican athletic scholarships for high school being refused

Fred Sturrup

Jamaica is the world’s leading athletics sprint nation. Of course, that country boasts Usain Bolt, the greatest in history over the 100 meters and 200 meters distances.   But, other than Bolt, there just seems to be this revolving door through which extremely swift males and females have gone through and continue to do so,…
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