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Pressure now fully on BBA to prove parent baseball status worthiness (2)

BBF FUNCTIONED ENTHUSIASTICALLY – The national baseball climate was exciting, with many young players, such as in this file photo, benefiting as The Bahamas Baseball Federation (BBF) operating enthusiastically and at a high level of productivity. The focus is now on the BBA.

Today’s column is the second of a two-part focus on the challenge facing the Bahamas Baseball Association. As emphasized in this past Saturday’s column, the position taken by the Bahamas Football Federation to capitulate on its long-held stance of deserving to play the lead role in national baseball has put President Sam Rodgers and his…
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Pressure now fully on BBA to prove parent baseball status worthiness (1)

Teddy Sweeting

Out of the recent announcement that the Bahamas Baseball Federation will dissolve in favor of the Bahamas Baseball Association being allowed to be the one true parent organization, came a big question. Does the BBA, under current leadership, have the capacity to prove it is worthy of the “parent baseball status” the international body has…
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Jones favored to win MVP in competitive WCBA

Jonquel Jones

Jonquel Jones continues on a whirlwind path, while playing against the best of her world peers. Last off-WNBA (Women National Basketball Association) season, Jones who hails from the Holmes Rock community in West Grand Bahama, played in South Korea for the Woori Bank Wibee squad of the Women Korean Basketball League (WKBL). She led Woori…
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O’Niel Williams deserves full support to further race career

POISED FOR ELITE CATEGORY – Bahamian distance running standout O’Niel Williams recently set the national full marathon record and then won the Marathon Bahamas’ half marathon event this past Sunday.

O’Niel Williams has persevered through some very tough years, seeking to elevate his distance running career. He cannot be considered world class yet, but this is the closest he has been. At 34, he is getting better and, if enough opportunities become available; if he is afforded meaningful sponsorships; if Williams can arrive at the…
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