A Righteous Indignation

Everything to the natural eye seemed in order but as I opened my bedroom door and upon entry into the hallway it was encamped by the adversary and his imps.  I clicked on the light switch, a righteous indignation rose up from within and I felt the Warrior arise.  In retaliation, the Word spoke into…
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I was very inspired among my Philippine friends on Sunday and their meeting at Mary, Star Church’s annex called The Feast. The subject by Pastor Og was  WOW…The wow factor. He was trying to say that we often are so bored by the ordinary things of life, that were we to put on a particular…
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It is time to confront your Goliath

I was awakened before 2:00 a.m. and there was a tugging to go into the front room to pray and as I was reading the word, I heard a loud sound. Bam! Bam!     The front window slammed shut with a great force. Instantly my hand was raised and the word spoke from the…
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Importance of character

We’re living in a day and age where there is a great deficit of money and opportunity, but most importantly, character.   Even in the Christendom, people go to church and are still not in covenant with God. Leaders in the house of God and still not submitted to not committed to Christ Jesus. All…
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