To The Lamb of God

NOTE: The battle rages on every side and it may feel like you are walking through some deep dark waters. The very foundation you are standing on is being shaken but you are victorious and will arise triumphant, being made whole because of the complete work done at the Cross of Calvary. May this poem bring comfort and renewed…
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Women must dress appropriately

Deuteronomy Chapter 22:5 states: “A woman must not put on the clothing of a man, nor should a man wear the clothing of a woman.”   The Ki Buki in Japan is a profession of male entertainers who dress immaculately as women. And transvestites like Ru Paul do the same in the United States.  …
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The chosen ones

Prophetess Jasmin Dareus   “Many are called but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14 To be Chosen means to be singled out by God. It means to be the elect of God, the best if its kind and pure excellence.    The Chosen Ones were created to make a difference. It is this difference that destroys…
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Violence, Violence, Violence

Violence is everywhere; violence in the homes with families, violence in the schools, violence in the churches, violence on the streets … everywhere you look, see, hear, go there is violence.    Nobody wants to say they’re sorry, no one wants to look the other way or turn the other cheek; two wrongs don’t make…
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