2019 Joyful Sound a success

JOYFUL SOUND – Gospel artist Cara T. Newton (second right) is pictured at the Joyful Sound Gospel Concert on Sunday, June 23, as the crowd enjoyed the event which was primarily targeted to uplifting praise and worship leaders.

The phenomenally staged ‘Joyful Sound’ was the gospel concert of the year, declared the hundreds that attended the production on Sunday, June 23. Founder Patron Missick and his committee, gave believers in Grand Bahama an opportunity to receive spiritual fulfillment from local award-winning gospel artists Cara T. Newton and Oslien Jadorte and International Gospel Singer,…
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What! Leave and Cleave!

Psalm 8:4, “What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” The greatest miracle is to see the birth of your own child, amidst the noise, the fluids, the blood and the smell. A true miracle! Gold JAAH Jehovah created the world and all that therein is and…
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Definition of suffocate (New Webster’s Dictionary): to oppress, smother. A few years ago, while I shampooed my hair and was about to rinse it, suddenly, a severe blow to the back of my neck caused everything in the room to spin and rapidly it felt as if I was losing consciousness. Instinctively, my hands gripped…
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The Power of Vision

The Law of Vision and of sight says, “whatever you focus on is what manifests in material reality for you.” People who can see are common. But folk with VISION are Rare. The Greatest Gift God ever gave man was not the gift of sight but that of VISION. Sight is a function of the…
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