The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me on September 30, 2017 and said, “Prophecy is the will and mind of God for nations, cities, towns and people”. I was about to minister at a Prophetic Conference and I was seeking the Spirit of the Lord as to what to declare to His people. Please…
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Having attended seminary in Jamaica while doing my MD courses with a view to becoming a medical missionary to Africa (or Haiti), I investigated in-depth, several topics: one being God’s true name; two being the virgin birth; three being John the Baptist names, not Zechariah like his dad, and why AMEN was used and not…
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Jesus and a joint?

Revelation (Apocalypse ) 2:24 - “And the leaves of the tree was for the healing of the nations. And they shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads.” In preparing this meditation I was surprised on American television to hear that a church in California issued joints of marijuana, while preaching…
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911 Pray

Prayer is vital to our lives, and to be honest with you it is a struggle, especially very early in the morning. I remember my very first encounter in early morning prayer, I was praying but at some point did not know what I was praying, sleeping and praying: attempting to get up off my…
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