Rev. Father Earl Hepburn installed as new rector of The Church of the Ascension Anglican Church

SOLEMN SERVICE – Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest (right) and his wife Sonia Turnquest; (second right) President of the Senate, Kay Forbes-Smith (centre) and her husband Godfrey Smith, other senior government officials; Rev. Dr. Robert Lockhart, President of the Grand Bahama Christian Council and other ministers with their spouses attended the solemn service of induction and installation of Rev. Father Earl Hepburn. (PHOTO:  JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Archdeacon of the Northern Bahamas Rev. Father Earl Andrew Hepburn, was officially installed as the fourth rector of The Church of the Ascension Anglican Church, West Beach Road on Friday, May 3. With a number of well-wishers, family and friends, locally and overseas, many whom Hepburn has had the privilege of serving prior to his…
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Women in Leadership, Pt. 2

“A Lioness does not apologize for her roar. So, she never apologizes for her power.” The significance of the female leader is wrapped up in her identity. The knowing of who she is … cognizant of her mandate and assignment. Knowing who you are makes you aware of what you’re capable to do and the…
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Women with Issues 2019 Conference: Birthing Season

To birth is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as: 1a: the emergence of a new individual from the body of its parent b: the act or process of bringing forth young from the womb 2: a state resulting from being born, especially at a particular time or place Its synonyms include: have, bear produce, be delivered…
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Clarion Call Pt. 3: ‘You Have A Second Chance’

Second chance, is defined as having another opportunity to correct things. you my beloved brothers and sisters, have been granted a second chance! You are that one person that has committed a sin, either in mind or physically; you are that one who is sick. YES! You have a second chance which is given by…
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