A New You For A New Year!

Contributor: Minister Keith Evans How many of us have gone ahead and made New year’s resolutions, and made vows to God? Going to church and making vows seems to be a juxtaposition or apposition for so many nowadays! Tradition continues to dominate us with no real substance!! We make vows and commitments, right? But then…
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New Webster’s Dictionary Definition of Stripped: to remove medals, decorations, honours; to make something bare by taking away removable parts; to tear off. While en route to a distant land: I recalled the ticket agent saying, “You have to be strip searched!” My response was, “Why?” She replied, “You have been randomly chosen.” But this made…
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The enemy is deeply rooted within the ministry

This is a clarion call to all pastors of Grand Bahama. The enemy is not outside your ministry, but deeply rooted within. Their assignment is to attack all pastors’ wives and their children while gradually working their evil into the congregation! Again, the group that’s doing this is not on the outside of the church.…
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O’ woman, great is your faith

“The nations will see your righteousness, O woman, and all kings your glory.” Happy New Year 2019 - 5779. ~ Isaiah 62:2 MY VISION TO MEN The words to Mary (Miriam) in Luke are often seriously overlooked by Christians. The words of the angel Gabri-EL, salutes her, “Greetings, you are highly favored YAAHWEH is with you!!”…
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