Can’t Touch This

Did you know that you are the “…apple of God’s eye (Zechariah 2:8)?” There is absolutely nothing the devil can do to you unless God allows it (Job 1:12). In any event, if God permits the enemy to attack you in any way, form or fashion, it is only because God knows that you are…
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4 events in three days

CELEBRATING IN STYLE – Pastors and members of Jubilee Cathedral will celebrate the church’s 19th Anniversary in style this weekend with four events over a three-day period. Festivities kick-off on Friday (November 10) afternoon with the renaming of Settler’s Way to Cathedral Boulevard. Pictured from left are Executive Pastor LaQuez Williams; Minister Cheryl Bain, Director of the Christian Education Department; Bishop Godfrey Williams, senior pastor and Kara Newton, Director of the Music and Fine Arts Ministry.

This weekend Jubilee will host four exciting events over a three-day period. Kicking off the activities will be the historic renaming of Settler’s Way – from the roundabout at Settler’s Way and Coral Road – to Cathedral Boulevard. In a press conference Wednesday (November 8) morning, Executive Pastor at Jubilee Cathedral, LaQuez Williams said that…
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Marriage Secrets

I don’t know how many times Pastor Phil and I have counseled with married couples, before and after we were married, before and after we became Christians and before and after we started our ministry. One thing we have found is that the marital issues are all common. Couples go through the same problems. The…
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Ten reasons announcement of raises for MPS is a slap in our faces

• This statement purportedly by Activist Sharon Turner and the one following by former FNM Chairman Darren Cash are their opinions as posted on social media outlets, regarding the recent announcement by prime minister Dr. Hubert Minnis on MPs pay increase. Few things assault a citizenry more than its government spending considerable time and resources…
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