The secret of a great manicure

Dear Readers,    As Bahamians, especially women, we know all too well the importance of dressing for the occasion.     In fact, I venture to say that Bahamian women are among some of the best-dressed people in the world.  One of the crowning gems of dressing well is to ensure that our nails are…
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Just do it!

Dear Dr. Pam,   I am a manager of a government department and I think I do a great job in keeping things in check.  However, there is one employee who is constantly late for work.  I have spoken to him on numerous occasions and have even given him a written warning.  His behaviour has…
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Interpersonal Skills, A must for delivering Excellent Customer Service

As a Corporate trainer, I am passionate about training on the discipline of customer service and often find myself becoming frustrated when I encounter what I consider to be bad service. Unfortunately, many of our local businesses, especially government agencies, have developed a reputation of providing such service.    While there may be a few…
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What would your legacy be … In memory of Pastor Wilbur Outten

“Every man and woman must decide in their lifetime what their legacy is to their children and society. Whether it is financial gains or words of wisdom, everyone has something they can leave as a legacy to humanity. It is knowing that we have a responsibility to leave a legacy that is more than half…
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