Not sure about public adjustors

Dear Editor, Hurricane season is upon us again. Unfortunately, there are those of us who are still suffering from the horrors of Hurricane Matthew that hit back in 2016. I thought it a good idea to contract a public loss adjustor to assist with my claim and settlement, but everything seems to be moving extra…
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Exceeding Expectations

Deborah Y. Pratt

Your Weekly Motivation The following is a speech, in part, that I presented last Thursday, June 22, 2017, as the guest speaker for Kids-R-Us and Pine Forest Academy’s Commencement Exercise for their Preschool, Primary School and High School graduates. As there are three levels of students graduating today, preschoolers preparing for Grade 1, Grade 6…
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Seven reasons Bahamians fail in the workplace!!

Dr. Pamula Mills

Dear Readers, Whenever I am asked to give a presentation on a specific topic, it is usually necessary to present from two points of views. There is always the average way of doing things, and of course, the Bahamian way of doing things. If you are not a part of this culture, or closely acquainted…
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A trip through world history

Dear Editor; It is impossible to predict the future with accuracy, but in his provocative book The next 100 years George Friedman turns his eyes on the future—offering a highly readable forecast of the changes expected around the world during the twenty-first century. The book The next 100 years draws on a fascinating exploration of…
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