PLP seen as best choice for GB

Dear Editor, At this critical moment in our history, thank you for affording me the opportunity to share my thoughts in your daily. As I sit here, on this election eve, I ponder where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are headed. This election will be a defining moment for our island,…
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The world is watching!

Dr. Pamula Mills

Dear Readers, My puppy, Teddy Bear, can smell my sister 10 miles away. It seems as if when she cranks up her car, in an effort to visit us, he senses her intention and begins barking. Within minutes, she is usually outside the door, tooting her horn, to alert us that she has arrived, and…
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“The Folly of Carnival”

Dear Editor, My brother Michael R. Moss opened a can of worms in his letter concerning our “Colony of Borrowed Culture.” Carnival is acquainted with and identifies as Trinidad or Brazil. The word itself, Carnival is not associated with Junkanoo at all. It means giving way to the flesh. My bother Charlie married Bev from…
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Grand Bahama dodges bullet

The island dodged a bullet on Wednesday. The high-spirited campaign leading up to the general elections next Wednesday, May 10, almost boiled over. An overflowing crowd, inclusive of supporters mostly of the Governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the Official Opposition Free National Movement (FNM), was on hand for advance voting at the Police Training…
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