Grand Bahama dodges bullet

The island dodged a bullet on Wednesday. The high-spirited campaign leading up to the general elections next Wednesday, May 10, almost boiled over. An overflowing crowd, inclusive of supporters mostly of the Governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the Official Opposition Free National Movement (FNM), was on hand for advance voting at the Police Training…
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Importance of ‘Roots in the ground’

Dear Editor, There are so many things happening these days.  In fact, some are happening right before our very eyes.  For instance a recent thing of occurrence was the position of Hurricane Matthew.  In the ravages of its wake it left the green leaves of many tress brown.  Though it was many months ago, much…
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Turnquest focuses on building legacy

There is no doubt that Peter Turnquest is concentrating on building his political legacy. Unless something drastic happens to derail his political journey, he is in for the long haul. This is a good thing. Turnquest is one of the newcomers in the arena who bodes well for the future of politics in the Commonwealth…
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Wilchcombe goes for fourth term

Obie Wilchcombe is considered generally, to be a top quality politician. Few compare to him in delivering a political message. He has great political presence. On Wednesday, May 10, next week, Wilchcombe will seek the support of enough voters in the West Grand Bahama/Bimini Constituency to become a member of the house of Assembly for…
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