Ragged Island has a rich and unique heritage to protect

Dear Editor, In response to a comment made by a fellow educator with regard to the Ragged Island devastation, I would like to tell this story: I was seven years old when Hurricane Donna struck Ragged Island in 1960. It was a Category 5 hurricane. I can vividly remember every minute detail. Our house, which…
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Cooper brings new, bright look to PLP

Chester Cooper, the most refreshing aspect the small band of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) members in the House of Assembly (just four) at the moment, has announced his intention to offer for the position of deputy leader during the upcoming October convention. It is clear that interim Leader Philip Davis is far and away the…
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Commendation for keeping residents ‘Aliv’ during Irma

Dear Editor, Please allow me space to publicly commend Aliv, the country’s newest mobile network, for a job well done before, during and after Hurricane Irma. The Aliv team gave timely updates. Service was technically sound in challenging weather and at every level, the Aliv team showed compassion and commitment for customers and residents throughout…
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The need for a bipartisan approach to fighting crime

The country’s continued heightened crime rate, remains a “hot button” topic for the governing Free National Movement (FNM) and the Opposition – Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Leader of the PLP, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis yesterday (Wednesday, September 20) released a statement, calling for a bipartisan approach to fighting crime. Following is Davis’ statement in its entirety.…
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