Making conscious life changes

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have made it to the New Year. Great! It is as if the clock stopped and restarted about 72 hours ago and now all is erased … Not so fast. There is no automatic fix; you have to do some work. A New Year can be like a…
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Hotels, Tourism questionable on taxi issue

Taxi drivers were disgruntled and felt disrespected when it became obvious that a goodly number of tourists were being bussed to the downtown Junkanoo site on New Year’s Day. It was an odd situation and the drivers complained bitterly. Their outrage is understandable. The drivers yearn for the periods when high amounts of visitors are…
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Teachers Union’s issue captivates GB educators

The Bahamas Union of Teachers is headed by a maverick of sorts. Belinda Wilson, the oft embattled president of the BUT, has thrown down the gauntlet in a dispute with the Ministry of Education and Minister Jeffery Lloyd, regarding C.H. Reeves Junior High in the capital island of New Providence. Wilson insists that the teachers…
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Govt. botches railing order for seawall?

This past Wednesday evening/night at Smith’s Point, the fish fry element was alive, vibrant. There was economic empowerment, but just for a few. Despite nicely paved roadways, and what appears to be a rather efficient seawall structure, there is no “through” process for traffic. This meant that the bulk of the large numbers of visitors…
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