Stepping out

Dear Editor, Recently I was introduced to this term, stepping out – meaning a married person being unfaithful to his or her mate. The biblical words are adultery and fornication. In The Bahamas the word most often used is sweet-hearting. K.B. might say “roach on your bread.” God did not create “threesomes” - the Word…
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PM Dr. Minnis patronizing over Cabinet shuffle

It’s one great big stretch for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to say that “my Cabinet Ministers have performed exceptionally well.” Can he really say with a straight face that they have all been uncommonly good, extraordinary in handling their previous portfolios? We hold the view that he is patronizing and does not believe, with…
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Love is a wonderful expression

• These letters were penned over six years ago, but reprinted today, by the request of a mom, who recently lost a young daughter. Be blessed. Dr. Pam Dear Readers, I have been blessed this past week, to have received letters from children: two of whom are been featured today. Dear Dr. Pam, I read…
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FNM has Much to do in final half of year

The Free National Movement Government will be had pressed to address the many national issues it has responsibility for, to the satisfaction of the majority of the Bahamian people. Polls regarding the overall performance of the government are not in its favor. We’ve taken some random polls here at The Freeport News and for the most part, those…
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