The effects of slavery

Dear Editor: In the fifteenth century as the major nations of the western world were focused on the continent of Africa; the question before them was the nature of man. They went against human nature to enslave an entire race of people with the rationale that they were only three fifths of a human being.…
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Questions regarding Oban Energies abound

Here are a few questions I have concerning this company. 1. Did this company put up a bond or even take out insurance for cases of emergency? 2. Has the BEST commission or Attorney General checked to see if such a heads of agreement does not contravene any existing protocols that can be legally binding.…
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Another perspective on Oban Energies issue

Dear Editor, Oban Energies President Satpal Dhunna’s pledge not to proceed with the construction of the $5.5 billion oil refinery in East Grand Bahama until the completion of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) will do precious little in placating the environmental think tank Save The Bays. I understand that Mr. Joseph Darville, who I believe…
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Dr. Bethel chimes in on Oban issue

Dear Editor, (Dr. Marcus Bethel is former Minister of Health and Environmental Services (2002-2006) and Minister for Energy and the Environment (2006-2007. Following is a statement provided by Dr.Bethel. We print it in its entirety. The “ceremonial signing,” 19th February 2018, of Heads of Agreement (HOA) between the Government of Bahamas (GOB) and Oban Energies,…
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