Govt. gesture for licensees lauded

Dear Editor, Would you please print the following in your Letter to the Editor Section: I want to applaud the Government for their proposed twenty (20) year extension of concessions to be given to all licensees, to include homeowners where appropriate (the same concessions as previously granted to Port Group and Hutchison). This will add…
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Minister of Health Dr. Sands defended for services at Rand

Dear Editor, In light of the recent and incredulous attacks by Bradley Roberts against Minister Duane Sands I thought it would behoove me as an informed and concerned citizen regarding the health care delivery in Grand Bahama, to comment and shed some light. Bradley Roberts is totally aloof to the suffering in Grand Bahama when…
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Concerned about BOB closure

Dear Editor, We, the residents of West End, Grand Bahama are very concerned about the closure of the only bank in our area. The Bank of the Bahamas was said to have closed its doors at the Eight Mile Rock Branch due to a break-in during hurricane Irma. We are not given any information as…
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Commendation for keeping residents ‘Aliv’ during Irma

Dear Editor, Please allow me space to publicly commend Aliv, the country’s newest mobile network, for a job well done before, during and after Hurricane Irma. The Aliv team gave timely updates. Service was technically sound in challenging weather and at every level, the Aliv team showed compassion and commitment for customers and residents throughout…
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