Full respect for Eucharist advocated

Dear Editor, I listened to the beautiful Home Going Service of the late Phenton Neymour from Christ Church Cathedral, where a profound. sermon was rendered by Arch Deacon James Palacious, with factual Anglican Decorum. His topic “Sing Your Song” was laced with his melodious singing. It was appalling and in poor taste, though, listening to…
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We must not accept shantytowns

There are certain matters that are beyond politics. We are a small country of 350,000 people. These islands belong to the Bahamian people. These are beautiful islands. We must protect them. Countries have borders. There are laws about entry. There are laws about building. There are sanitation laws. There are laws against stealing electricity. We…
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Show us the money

Hello again my Bahamian citizens, another year has gone by, and it baffles me that there is still not one word being said in any quarters about our thirty million, plus, dollars ($30,000,000+) that was spent, wasted or pocketed on the so-called Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival. I am still waiting on the forensic report to be…
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Bad roadways are a nuisance

The streets of New Providence are filled with potholes. They are everywhere. Some of them are trenches. If it rains and water fills them you don’t know they are there. Falling in them can cause you a tire or ruin your suspension system. The Department of Public Works is responsible for keeping the roads in…
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