Positive perspectives

Dear Editor, The move set and established a “spiritual foundation” for the year 2018 (5778). What an awesome display. We have been caught on Grand Bahama in a negative atmosphere for too long. But were we to see ourselves as part of the Northern Bahamas, our kaleidoscope would be from “gloom to glory!” Abaco and…
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‘Together we stand, divided we fall’

Dear Editor, As I observe the state of the country since the installation of the current governing party, May 2017, I notice what seems to be scathing attacks brewing that are arguably unwarranted. They have been expressed via various forms of social media, from the sidelines and in gossip circles intended to highlight incompetence and…
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Who are we in God?

Dear Editor, Today there seems to be so much knowledge around us that one is bound to think of the words offered by the scriptures, that in these days “the earth would be full of the knowledge of the Lord. When one uses the letter writer’s portion of newspapers one easily can see those things.…
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Trust is hard to earn when lost

If I did not know better I would have sworn I was being punked. The news is simply unbelievable. Old people say that when you make your bed up hard you have to sleep in it hard. When a new government is striving to distinguish itself from its predecessors in office, a good starting point…
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