Primary Care Transformative Initiative

Dr. Marcus Bethel

Dear Editor, The initiative to develop a National Health Insurance Plan was implemented in September 2002 when a Blue Ribbon Commission was appointed by PM (Perry) Christie “to review and make recommendations to the Government of the Bahamas on the feasibility of establishing a NHI  plan for the delivery of quality healthcare to the Bahamian…
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An unheralded Bahamian Sportsman

John Nathaniel Ferguson ‘Songbird’ ‘Fergie’ Dear Editor, Surprisingly, he was not blessed with extraordinary athletic ability yet, John Nathaniel Ferguson made use of himself to represent the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in two separate sporting disciplines over time, volleyball and rugby. The incorporation of the limited physical gifts that he did possess is a testament…
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Westminister System changes advocated

DR. KEVIN KING, The Kingdom Government Movement (KGM)

Dear Editor, The Kingdom Government Movement (KGM), a new political movement is capturing the minds of the Bahamian electorate. I, Leader of the KGM Dr. Kevin King have introduced a new conceptualization of democracy that is a Parliamentary/ Republican System. Following the general elections of 2022 after a successful mandate given to the KGM by…
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Citizens For Justice calls for capital punishment

Dear Editor, New Providence has experienced a rise in murders, including the recent murder of a young mother and her eight-year-old daughter in Nassau Village. The lives of women are bring snatched away in the Bahamas along with other innocent victims.Members from Citizens For Justice Bahamas (CFJB) are outraged at the level of murders and…
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