Down to wire battle in GB

It’s down to the wire for the two prominent political parties in Grand Bahama. Indeed, in Grand Bahama there are only two distinguishable battle lines. The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is just not connecting this time around. That’s a view we share with many. The DNAs and the independent minded candidates will be hard-pressed to…
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FNMs in GB seek to regain edge

Tonight two major political rallies are scheduled. Indeed, the two major political forces in the country will have their representatives and supporters rallying as the Free National Movement machinery on the island seeks to regain the momentum from a revived Progressive Liberal Party organization. A month ago, the PLP in Grand Bahama seemed dead in…
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Decaying society

Our society is decaying. We are, in fact, deteriorating as a people, well beyond the pace that many would agree to. The nation is festering, and at the risk of being accused of prophesying “fire and brimstone,” we present the view that at this rate, our nation is in danger of perishing. An incident that…
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Port Authority has strong focus on island sports

There is much more to the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) than being the prime engine that drives the investment/economic machinery in the island. There is of course, the sports passion. Over time, particularly through the late patriarchs Edward St. George and Sir Jack Hayward, the GBPA has been a strong advocate of sports development.…
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