Interesting FNM developments

We pay no mind to the social media propaganda that has centered around Brent Symonette, reportedly, seeking to gradually undermine the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. The rumor mill has it that there is a similar building force from within the FNM, against Dr. Minnis, akin to what transpired for much of the…
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GB Tourism Office essential to island’s sports branding

Five decades ago, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, utilizing its Grand Bahama Office, was the envy of the region. No Caribbean country was comparable to The Bahamas, when Grand Bahama hosted tournaments endorsed by the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA of America) and the unique Super Stars Revue. For the PGA events, the finest…
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Good weekend in GB for PM

Even the staunchest critics of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis would find it difficult to fault him, given what unfolded here in Grand Bahama this past weekend, under the watch of the nation’s chief executive. It was a weekend when hope blossomed into meaningful realities. There was the event on Friday that focused on small…
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McAlpine speaks boldly on behalf of disenfranchised

There is a large sector in the country that fits into the category of the disenfranchised. There are indeed those, in great numbers, who as a rule based on what happens in our society, are deprived of certain privileges and entitlements, we would venture to say. We congratulate Pineridge Member of Parliament, Rev. Frederick McAlpine,…
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