Senate President’s “Girl Con 2017” an ideal event

Senate President Kay Forbes-Smith has come up with an initiative, geared to give appropriate advice to young female students at a most important stage of their lives, and also designed to boost their self-esteem. She and her associates are to be highly complimented. “Girl Con 2017” is the shortened tag version of a conference for…
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PM Dr. Minnis a different kind of politician

The Free National Movement might have won the May 10 general elections with another leader. We will never know that, of course. One can only express a view on what would have or could have happened. It is possible though that despite it all, the Perry Christie crew might have been able to make a…
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PLP Davis should move beyond past

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Davis should stop dwelling in the past for the purpose of hopefully gaining political points at the expense of the governing Free National Movement and Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. SLS Baha Mar which is part of a luxury world-class hospitality chain, opened officially on Friday. It is now…
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Multiple crime incidents put fear in public

It is interesting that from the Ministry of National Security and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, comes the claim that crime nationally is on the decrease, generally. At the same time, the presence of police officers is minimal on the streets and in communities, on a day-to-day basis. Criminal incidents take place with the same…
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