Turnquest focuses on building legacy

There is no doubt that Peter Turnquest is concentrating on building his political legacy. Unless something drastic happens to derail his political journey, he is in for the long haul. This is a good thing. Turnquest is one of the newcomers in the arena who bodes well for the future of politics in the Commonwealth…
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Wilchcombe goes for fourth term

Obie Wilchcombe is considered generally, to be a top quality politician. Few compare to him in delivering a political message. He has great political presence. On Wednesday, May 10, next week, Wilchcombe will seek the support of enough voters in the West Grand Bahama/Bimini Constituency to become a member of the house of Assembly for…
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GB Carnival 2017 a sub-par event

The fabulous Taino Beach Junkanoo Carnival experience that residents and visitors of Grand Bahama had become accustomed to was considerably diluted this time around. This past Friday and Saturday, collectively, the event was a huge disappointment. We can report that while the crowd participation on Saturday night was not terrible, the combined first and second…
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PLP heightens push for NHI

Amazingly, after almost 20 years of promising the people of The Bahamas, National Health Insurance (NHI), the Perry Christie Government still has not come up with a comprehensive program and is now rushing to get something in place prior to the general elections of May 10. The government sent its emissary, NHI Permanent Secretary Peter…
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