12 percent VAT hike problematic for FNM Govt.

The 12 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) hike issue continues to put the government in disfavor with most Bahamians, it appears. While introducing the debate on the national 2018-2019 Budget in the House of Assembly on Wednesday, Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest tried valiantly to apply logics to what has been put in place…
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Minister of Labour reunites with school through tournament

It was a nostalgic moment for Minister of Labour, Hon. Dion Foulkes! On Thursday past, Minister Foulkes was on hand at the St. George’s Gymnasium to officially open the HOYTES Labour Day Invitational Basketball Classic. While speaking to students in attendance and HOYTES Organizing Committee members, headed by the venerable Coach Gladstone “Moon” McPhee, Minister…
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12 percent VAT hike unpalatable

There are so many challenges that will result from the increase of Value Added Tax (VAT), one wonders to what extent did Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnuest, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and their Cabinet colleagues deliberate. Did purposeful discussions, a lot of them, take place before the government determined to subject the Bahamian…
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National budget viewed as unkind to consumers

While Free National Movement Government’s Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest did dangle a few carrots to the Bahamian people, his national budget presentation in the House of Assembly on Wednesday past, was not generally well-received by consumers. The Freeport News conducted a poll (admittedly non-scientific) and nearly 100 percent of those included in the…
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