Ambitious undertaking by GBPA

The Grand Bahama Port Authority and its Building/Development Services Department have embarked upon a tough assignment, an effort to give Freeport a cleaner look. Derelict buildings are too much of a presence in the city once known for his magical and pristine environment. It is gallant indeed that the GBPA has taken on the responsibility…
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Where will Oban Energies be located?

There is so much about the proposed Oban Energies oil refinery/storage project in East Grand Bahama that is in question. The Oban Energies debate continues to be a hot item in the country and Grand Bahama in particular. Hopefully, our government will, sooner than later, begin clearing the air. For instance, it is not known…
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Oban statement absent of EIA explanation

It seems Oban Energies is ducking the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) topic, regarding its proposed oil refinery project in East Grand Bahama. A full-page newspaper ad has been published, clearly seeking to make the case for wide acceptance of the agreement between the government of The Bahamas and Oban Energies for the development of an…
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HOA signing, by Govt., Oban quite cloudy

Amazingly, the Free National Movement Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis dropped the ball badly during the signing ceremony for the proposed Oban Energies oil refinery in East Grand Bahama. As a result, the proposed U.S.$ 5,5 billion project sits directly under a cloud of uncertainty and skepticism. The beleaguered Peter…
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