‘Labour on Blocks’ job fairs relevant

We accept the ‘Labour on the Blocks’ job fairs concept as being quite ideal for the times. Should there be some tweaking? Well, we pointed out in this space just yesterday that there is a need for the Ministry of Labour to make some adjustments. Some of the comments and outright criticisms that have been…
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Speaker Moultrie under microscope

In words, Speaker Halson Moultrie made a full apology for a verbal attack from the chair in the House of Assembly, recently, that was leveled against members opposed to the Governing Free National Movement and what sounded like a broadside also, on an Official Opposition Progressive Liberal Party Senator. Only God, other than Moultrie, knows…
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Government’s shortcomings

There is no doubt Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is markedly different from his recent predecessors in the high national office, namely Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham. Dr. Minnis seems less motivated by what is best for political gain. He has undertaken some challenges that the others did not dare address. Under PM Dr. Minnis,…
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GB Power Company on notice

The economy in Grand Bahama continues to be a struggling one and is on the verge of instability. This is true. Significant factors point in that direction. Indeed, there is much uncertainty in the land. A huge problem for many residents is the cost of electricity. Our source of electricity is the Grand Bahama Power…
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