Ex-PM Ingraham significant FNM background figure

There is no doubt that former three-time Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has cast a wide shadow over the Free National Movement ever since he assumed leadership of the party in 1990, and subsequently steam-rolled his colleagues to governance for the very first time, in 1992. After stepping aside, following 10 years of leadership in favor…
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Tall order facing FNM Government

Be careful what you wish for. The now Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis knew the country had a lot of downsides that needed to be addressed. While in opposition, he repeatedly railed against the former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government. According to Dr. Minnis the PLP Government was a failed administration. He wooed the people…
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More fingers now pointed at Govt. over GB dilemma

This is not a good time for the Free National Movement (FNM) Government. It is failing badly to bring relief to Grand Bahamians. So many who depended upon this different political administration to reverse the downward trend; shorten to a great degree the unemployment line; increase business opportunities for small, mid-range and large entrepreneurial projects;…
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Nurses deserve priority attention

The headline told the story. The Freeport News’ lead story on Tuesday was a sad testimony to how stalwarts of the nation’s essential services are being treated. The litany of complaints made public by Bahamas Nurses Union President Amancha Williams was quite sobering. Minister Dr. Duane Sands, who sits in the Cabinet as the government’s…
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