Citizen’s interest prompts new look at shabby buildings

Once known as the “Magic City” of the Western World, Freeport is now to a great extent, in a state of shabbiness. There is a lot of deterioration going on in the “free port city” that was the very foundation of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement back in 1955. For years, Freeport anchored an investment environment…
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Office of PM in GB beyond old system

Shortly following the success of the Free National Movement at the polls last May, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis declared the intent to deviate from his predecessors regarding national administration. He decided to put in place several Offices of the Prime Minister, to be operated by ministers of state. For Grand Bahama, that meant a change…
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Security Minister should venture beyond promises

There is a lot of pressure on the current Minister of National Security, Marvin Dames. Unlike his predecessors, he comes from a most distinguished background in law enforcement. He moved all the way up to the No.2 rank in the Royal Bahamas Police Force before he retired several years ago. Dames got back into the…
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Police Force obligation

Once in this country, police officers and their counterparts, the local constables of the Family Islands, throughout communities on a day-to-day basis, had a strong presence. Their widespread outreach was a prime characteristic of Bahamian life. This was when the total number of officers was just in the hundreds. Now, thousands of male and female…
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