PM Dr. Minnis’ Majority Rule outlook on point

For many years leading up to 2014 when the Progressive Liberal Party Government, under Perry Christie, officially designated January 10, a national holiday called Majority Rule Day, and the subsequent three years, the recognition/celebration factor seemed one-sided. The PLP, we hold the view, fostered an imbalanced social culture, regarding the all-important date, when after a…
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GB Police visibility should be prioritized

At the outset, we emphasize that based on our observance the Port Lucaya Marketplace Security Program appears to be on point. In particular, as one moves through that all-important (to Grand Bahama) socio/business venue, there is great visibility of security personnel. Indeed, we salute the security folks who function on behalf of marketplace management. The…
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FNM should focus on transforming Majority Rule Day

Tomorrow is Majority Rule Day! Under the Progressive Liberal Party Government, in 2014, January 10th became established as a holiday called Majority Rule Day. It’s etched in stone. That’s what it is. It was on January 10, 1967 that The Bahamas attained Majority Rule. That is governance by those representing the masses. The advent of…
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PM Minnis gets doctors’ “OK”

The country’s chief executive, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is expected to be back in office on Monday, attending to the people’s business. The Cabinet Office has informed the general public that the surgery to remove a cataract from his eye went quite well and doctors have signed off on his “cleared status” to return…
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