GB Independence celebration date change controversial

The Bahamian Flag

One of our reporters who was monitoring social media, expressed surprise over the disagreement, so many had regarding the change of the official Independence celebration in Grand Bahama. We were induced by the powers that be, to do the countdown to Independence at approaching midnight between July 8-9, rather than 24 hours later, as is…
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GBPC to again lead island’s hurricane season preparation

2019 Hurricane Season

The Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) is looked to, once again, to lead the hurricane season preparation on island. Every year, the GBPC utilizes The Freeport News, to put forth important safety and general hurricane-preparation information to bring about an awareness among the public.  On occasions, the GBPC also has to field critical questions regarding…
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South Fest delights despite weather

Frazette Gibson

Community builder and Local Government Councilwoman Frazette Gibson has crafted, with associates, an excellent product in South Fest. The 2Oth version of the festival braved early winds and rain, including a tornado, to provide a delightful experience for tourists and locals alike. Gibson, the consummate organizer, was in full bloom, and the support team supplemented…
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National pride not sufficiently in evidence

Each year, we find it necessary to address a situation that is quite bothersome. During this Independence Holiday period, just like the last and those in recent years prior, the demonstrations of national pride and love for being an independent nation have been minimal among Bahamians. It is fashionable to attack, verbally, the Haitians and…
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