Full support for Dr. Minnis in Haiti issue

We give balance on behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis today. In this space, throughout much of the one year and five months the Free National Movement Government has been in power, under the leadership of PM Dr. Minnis, there has been good cause to be critical of decisions on national issues. No doubt…
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Tony Miller looks primed to carry on father’s legacy

Wallace Groves, history verifies, is the father investor of Freeport, the anchor city of Grand Bahama. He was assisted greatly, by Charles Hayward and some others, in particular, to a degree, by a young Jack Hayward. They crafted an interesting and special free port city that had the potential to be captivating, in hotel investments,…
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MP McAlpine, PM Dr. Minnis doing battle

The battle is on! The conflict has been simmering for almost the fullness of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) current tenure, thus far, as the governing party in The Bahamas. Rev. Frederick McAlpine, the Member of Parliament for Pineridge, one of the five constituencies in Grand Bahama controlled in the House of Assembly by the…
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HIV/AIDS awareness emphasized

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) are simply conditions that affect the immune system in an individual, which greatly increases the risks of infections of common cold, influenza, tuberculosis, tumors etc. When the immune system is working, fights are waged on an ongoing basis within the body to limit the risks…
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