Govt. ministers Lloyd, Sands ignore protocol?

There is a great big difference in how ministers of government operate, how they function while in service for the people. Some government ministers, at all time, fully recognize that they function at the pleasure of the people. Government ministers don’t own ministries. Government ministers serve in ministries on behalf of the real owners, the…
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Iram Lewis Fishing Hole bridge concerns understandable

It is from a mindset of transparency that Ministry of Works Parliamentary Secretary and CentraL Grand Bahama Member of Parliament Iram Lewis expressed a particular concern, relating to the Fishing Hole Road Bridge. The all-important capital project is steadily nearing completion. Recently, the bridge was among the capital projects toured by the substantive Minister of…
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Oban Energies urged to show good faith

One of the commitments entered into by Oban Energies via the Heads of Agreement document signed with the Government of the Bahamas, is the $100,000 earmarked annually for community assistance. There is a challenging road ahead for Oban, as the company seeks to satisfy a majority of those with a vested interest in what goes…
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Oban proposed project worth full examination

There is no doubt, the prospect of a grand investment centered around an oil refinery and storage, seems just what the doctor ordered for a stagnant island economy. We place emphasis on “island economy” because, although the planned location is in East Grand Bahama, in close proximity to the existing Statoil complex, the entire Grand…
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