PLP convention at hand, party unity appeal made

PLP OPPOSITION Leader Philip “Brave” Davis

On July 25, this coming Thursday, the Official Opposition, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will go into a two-day convention, at Melia Hotel, on the West Bay Strip in New Providence. Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis has made the call for unity. He has also given the indication that he wishes for the main slate, his,…
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Challenges mount for FNM Govt.

DR. HUBERT MINNIS Prime Minister

Confronted by many national issues, and criticized for the handling of them, the Free National Movement Government, under Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, now has yet another pressing matter to deal with. Comments by a key representative, of BTC’s parent company, Balan Nair, that went viral, have put Prime Minister Dr. Minnis and Bahamian employees…
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GBPA essential to GB Island

Grand Bahama Port Authority

The Grand Bahama Port Authority, as is, in the present structure, is most essential to Freeport and the wider Grand Bahama. This is so, despite the modest profile that Grand Bahama Port Authority management personnel seem to prefer; the progressive innovative projects, some of which, never come to light; the high-tech revamping of the organization,…
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Testimonial slated for Coach McPhee


These days, at the age of 73 and counting, Coach Gladstone “Moon” McPhee is still at it, taking rough talent and fine-tuning it for quality basketball performances, and, in particular, inspiring a unique understanding of the game. For his dedication to nation-building through the many young boys and girls who have been molded in a…
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