PLP heightens push for NHI

Amazingly, after almost 20 years of promising the people of The Bahamas, National Health Insurance (NHI), the Perry Christie Government still has not come up with a comprehensive program and is now rushing to get something in place prior to the general elections of May 10. The government sent its emissary, NHI Permanent Secretary Peter…
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PLP facing growing ‘conflict’ allegations

The Governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is embroiled in allegations of blatant conflict of interest involvements. It has been 51 years since a governing party in The Bahamas faced such overwhelming conflict of interest allegations. The Wall Street Journal, in 1966, published a detailed expose of members of the United Bahamian Party (UBP) receiving fees,…
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Politicians blur conflict lines

The way politicians operate today the conflict lines are blurred. Simeon Bowe and Ervin Knowles inadvertently got caught up in conflict controversies when in charge of government ministries during the Sir Lynden Pindling era of governance. Simply because the anomalies occurred on their watch Sir Lynden fired them. Bowe, neither Knowles recovered politically. Their political…
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Down to wire battle in GB

It’s down to the wire for the two prominent political parties in Grand Bahama. Indeed, in Grand Bahama there are only two distinguishable battle lines. The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is just not connecting this time around. That’s a view we share with many. The DNAs and the independent minded candidates will be hard-pressed to…
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