FNM challenged on GB issues

On several occasions, we felt the need to emphasize the overwhelming support given the Free National Movement last May 10 during the national general elections, in hopes of fostering a meaningful hands-on approach by the government for the island. The cosmetic attention has been noticeable. There is of course, the Grand Bahama Office of the…
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Belinda Wilson set to pressure FNM Government

There were “strong” talks going on, we have been informed by credible sources, that Belinda Wilson was being courted to become an influential part of the Ministry of Education, rather than remain the chief agitator for teachers within the system. We understood that Minister of Education Jeffery Lloyd was set to take her on. That…
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Bahamas being bullied by EU?

It is our position that the blacklisting of The Bahamas by the European Union (EU) amounts more to a bullying tactic. It’s a great world conglomerate of nations going after a small country. There is nothing outlandish about our tax system, nor our banking procedures. We operate at the apex of democracy and freedom of…
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Bethel-Moss moving on after excellent stint at GB Tourism

There are those stakeholders who are essential to the continued collective effort towards recapturing some of the magical atmosphere once characteristic of Freeport and the wider Grand Bahama, in yesteryear. Betty Bethel-Moss, who headed the Ministry of Tourism Office in Grand Bahama, is on the move, we understand. Very soon, we have been told, the…
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