Foulkes, Thompson advocate openness

The job of governance is certainly not easy. Without a doubt, the recent central administrations have found that out. It’s exceedingly tough to maintain a party-line narrative on issues and still function in balance for the people. Most politicians learn very quickly to go to the fullest lengths to justify or explain away shortcomings rather…
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Ezra Hepburn brought to GB ‘special’ magic

Ezra Hepburn has passed on. No doubt the vast majority of the new generation Grand Bahamians know very little or nothing at all about the man. He was one of the great multi-talented musical artists in the country’s history. Most of his career he was attached to the group known as “Ezra Hepburn and the…
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McAlpine enjoys cross section island support

Scores of Grand Bahamians with varying political convictions, social views and moral perspectives greeted Pineridge Member of Parliament Rev. Frederick McAlpine when he returned to Grand Bahama from the capital island of New Providence on Tuesday after he had been removed from the chairmanship post of the Bahamas Hotel Corporation. It was the kind of…
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PM Dr. Minnis dodges gaming issue in House

In the House of Assembly on Tuesday, as he closed out the 2018-2019 national budget debate, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis dodged the hot gaming house sliding tax issue. While there was a high national interest on the 12 percent value added tax (VAT) stipulation that Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest informed of during his…
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