PM continues to be guilty of contradictions

Dr. Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister of the Bahamas

The Dr. Hubert Minnis of the lead-up period to the general elections of 2017 and the man as prime minister, are sometimes not comparable at all. They are not one and the same, based on what was advocated prior to May 10 2017, and how he has operated since. In particular, his passionate frequent calls…
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Govt. still over barrel on Oban

HOA SIGNED AND SEALED – The government of The Bahamas and Oban Energies signed a Heads of Agreement for the $4 billion-plus oil storage and refining facility – Monday, February 19 2018 – in the capital. Pictured are prime minister Dr. Hubert Minnis (left) and Peter Krieger, Oban Energies CEO and Chairman. (PHOTO: TORRELL GLINTON)

At the very least, talks are going on between principals of Oban Energies and Bahamas Government negotiators. Representatives of both parties are being guarded and trying not to ruffle feathers. It’s a dicey situation. On the one hand, there is the government that remains over a barrel, having signed onto a Heads of Agreement (HOA)…
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Obie ignites PLP’s base

Obie Wilchcombe

Perhaps the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has stumbled on the ideal course to take, in the effort to revitalize its brand in Grand Bahama. Say what you wish about Obie Wilchcombe, it cannot be denied that he has political appeal. He is charismatic, eloquent, captivating and seemingly just what the doctor ordered to ignite the…
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Airline manager Williams becomes victim of violence

Harold Williams, the easy-going Bahamasair executive is alive today and set to have facial plastic surgery on Wednesday. We are thankful and extend best wishes for a swift recovery, physically and mentally. It’s ironic, that someone who is not inclined to harm anyone in any manner, could become the victim of a hideous attack, which…
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