Shut up and listen

Dear Readers, While in graduate school, I was a part of a passionate group of students, which was intent on its purpose. There was an assignment, however, that became the Achilles heel for some members of the group; it was called the Graduate Expository Test. This was an expository essay, which required students to select…
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Are you quick to commend or condemn?

Your Weekly Motivation While at home one Sunday afternoon, I got a surprising phone call. The call was from a local pastor who said that he sought out my telephone number because he wanted to call and let me know how much he enjoyed my article that was published in this column that week. Pleasantly…
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Always check the intention

Dear Readers, Knowledge of self is a powerful tool. In fact, the ability to hold self-responsible, while critically examining what is necessary, good and enhancing to healthy development, is a learning curve that many are unable to navigate. The other day, I placed a quotation on Facebook that garnered some interesting feedback: “There is a…
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The key is to be ready

Dear Readers, In my chosen vocation, you never know when you will be called upon to serve. Sometimes, it is during a casual conversation on the street, an unexpected event, a planned meeting, or a crisis. The key is to be ready, because you seldom have much time to prepare; your words and actions, however,…
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