A GB sports perspective

Today, there is a departure from the usual subject matters in this space. We thought to give focus to a bit of the “Grand Bahama Sports Perspective” through the person of Jonquel Jones. This 24-year-old lady from Holmes Rock in West Grand Bahama, has emerged as one of the greatest sports figures in the history…
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Accept that you are worth more than enough

Ask Dear Dr. Pam, When I was 15 years old, I was sexually molested by a close relative. This was perhaps, the darkest time of my life. The allegation divided my family. My oldest sister supported and stuck with me, my four other siblings did not seem to care and my parents ignored me. The…
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Take responsibility for your own life

Your Weekly Motivation “At the end of the day, you are solely responsible for your success and your failure. And the sooner you realize that, you accept that, and integrate that into your work ethic, you will start being successful. As long as you blame others for the reason you aren’t where you want to…
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Full transparency called for regarding Lucayan purchase

Whatever the government does, however it structures the process to purchase the Grand Lucayan properties, the challenge goes out for full transparency to be the order of the day. The people of Grand Bahama deserve as much. The financial numbers, all of them, for outright purchase, inclusive of legal costs; refurbishment; stocking; furniture, etc., should…
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