The effects of slavery

Dear Editor: In the fifteenth century as the major nations of the western world were focused on the continent of Africa; the question before them was the nature of man. They went against human nature to enslave an entire race of people with the rationale that they were only three fifths of a human being.…
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GB Office of PM doing very well on job initiatives

The headline jumped out of the front page of The Freeport News on Tuesday morning. “Pharmachem provides new job opportunities,” the paper heralded. At a press conference on Monday, Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Kwasi Thompson announced the development, and Barry Malcolm of Quality Services Limited which works in…
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Oban Energies on go-slow with project?

It’ all quiet on the Oban Energies front! The proposed oil refinery and storage project, earmarked for East Grant Bahama appears to be on go-slow or perhaps halted. We are of the view that the Government of The Bahamas rushed to the Heads of Agreement and got into all sorts of problems, as a result.…
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