Ready, Set and Go … Where?

Dr. Readers, I love track and field activities, particularly the fast track events. The sprinters position themselves for three simple commands; Ready, Set, and Go. Upon hearing the last command, the sprinters then “run” themselves into history. This activity is analogous to the race of life; there is a beginning and an end and the…
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PM Dr. Minnis should also address system neglect

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is focusing on the large amount of funding, a huge loss to the National Treasury each year due to corrupt practices. He has publicly stated that some $500 million is what we lose annually as a direct “result of corruption.” Upon his arrival to the capital island of New Providence…
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Oban Energies could be ‘saving grace’ element

Oban Energies LLC, the company that hopes to develop an oil refinery and storage facility in East Grand Bahama, seems to be weathering the storm. Submerged in controversy, mostly because of “miss steps” by the Government of The Bahamas, Oban has forged ahead with its plans and, as indicated in this space recently, there is…
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Govt. ministers Lloyd, Sands ignore protocol?

There is a great big difference in how ministers of government operate, how they function while in service for the people. Some government ministers, at all time, fully recognize that they function at the pleasure of the people. Government ministers don’t own ministries. Government ministers serve in ministries on behalf of the real owners, the…
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