Buying Grand Bahama hotels is morally correct and fiscally savvy

Dear Editor,  
 Certain so-called opinion leaders have worked themselves into quite a lather because the government has stepped into the breach to stop what surely looked like an economic tsunami hitting Grand Bahama. Some seem to think that there is no role for the government in our economy, conveniently forgetting that around the world…
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 Why women don’t tell (Pt.2)

Dear Readers, This is the second of a two part article that deals with a very serious issue. Let us continue to break the silence #metooorganization. Despite the alarming statistics of sexual crimes, these are nine reasons why women don’t tell: I will recap the first five reasons, which were in last week’s article. •…
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Uncertainty surrounds Oban project

It’s a tough call! A report, according to Oban Energies Subcommittee/Advisory Chairman, Senator Dion Foulkes, is available for the perusal of the Cabinet of The Bahamas. As per usual, it is not likely that any decision made, will be released in short order to the Bahamian people. This government, like the one immediately prior, likes…
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Sunwing draws Govt. response

It is indeed quite fitting that the Government of The Bahamas, has provided clarity to the Sunwing controversial issue. Sunwing went public last week, with complaints against the government, alleging that difficulties were faced in getting renewal documents. Thus, the tour entity has reportedly cancelled the summer airlift to Grand Bahama. Over the weekend, through…
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