A time for everything

• The following is a speech that I presented at Community Holiness Preschool Kindergarten Graduation, last Friday, June 14, 2019, on their theme, A Time for Everything. I am certain that most of you if not all of you, would be familiar with the popular scripture that is usually heard at funerals or during the…
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FNM Govt. cautious of investment HOAs

The Government of the Bahamas, through representatives, has been engaging in a series of meetings with executive personnel of both Carnival Cruise Lines, and the Royal Caribbean/ITM Group. In the case of the cruise port, back in May of 2017 an agreement was signed by the former Progressive Liberal Party Government with Carnival. It’s a…
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From within FNM some advocate better governance

What we have noticed recently is that from within the Free National Movement (FNM), appeals are coming for better governance. A few parliamentarians are using a more-gentle approach than Rev. Fred McAlpine, but, making the point nevertheless. Free National Movement representative for the Centerville Constituency in New Providence, Reece Chipman, during his presentation in the…
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Corporal punishment in schools addressed by Minister Lloyd

JEFFREY LLOYD Minister of Education

The Minister of Education, Jeffery Lloyd, made his 2019-2020 Budget presentation on Wednesday in the House of Assembly and he did a major segue to deal with the subject of Corporal Punishment in schools. Like the learned gentleman, we do not intend, in the slightest, to bring light to any current court matter. We seek…
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