Who’s in your top five?

Your Weekly Motivation “If you want to be successful in business and in life you need people who create the right environment for you to reach the goals and milestones your heart desires.”, so says Life Coach, Isha Cogborn. According to Ms. Cogborn, all of us should have the following types of persons in our…
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Death is such a difficult journey

Dear Readers, I have been blessed this past week, to have received letters from children: two of which are being featured today. Dear Dr. Pam, I read you column sometimes and I think you are cool. My name is Celina and I am 11 years old. Please tell me why we need love. Celina Dear…
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Share your God given talents ‘Come Out of the Closet’

Today, October 11, 2017 is said to be recognized as, ‘National Coming Out Day’ in the United States of America. I was informed that at some colleges, signs were posted around the campus saying things such as, “Happy Coming Out Day” and in some classes, students were given an opportunity to share their “Coming Out”…
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Toilet paper has a purpose too!

Dear Readers, Nestled on the northeastern side of Florida, approximately 50 miles away, is the island of my birth, Bimini. Contrary to what many may believe, it is the most internationally known island in The Bahamas, second only to New Providence. It is here where I spent many days of childhood bliss, nurtured under the…
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