To bury or not to bury the dead

Dear Editor, In spite of the many challenges, financially and otherwise facing our government, it should not become unaware or calloused to the need of dignity for the dead, be they having departed this life from Covid or any other catastrophic natural disaster. Thus, I venture to propose the following for the proper care of…
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Dear Editor, It is quite evident that we are faced with unprecedented circumstances that are beyond our control. (You have) the COVID-19 pandemic, the worldwide recession, and the world perusing the systemic racism in the USA. It seems ditto and a rehearsed regurgitation to echo the dilemma that we’re grappling with as a nation. Moratorium has,…
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Bishop Russell advocates continuance of UB North

Rev. Dr. Keith Russell, Sr. Pastor First Baptist Church

Dear Editor, The University of The Bahamas is prominently in the news again; and this time the news is troubling. There is talk being bantered about in the undercurrents of the society that the university’s board is considering discontinuing the Northern Campus. If this is the case, it would be a colossal mistake. It is…
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Concerned citizen laments treatment of animals in GB

Dear Editor, I write this letter with a heavy heart this morning because I am tired of seeing animals slaughtered on our streets.  Just this morning I saw a small animal, which appeared to be a cat slaughtered on the road.  We are a civilized society.  Sometimes, the accidents are unavoidable, but, can’t you pick…
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