Fishing Hole Road Bridge work stalled

Fishing Hole Road Bridge

Once again, work has stalled on the Fishing Hole Road Bridge. This has been the case so many times, since ground was broken by the former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Government, way back in December of 2015. A breakdown in installment payments; and the inability to get in gear have been serious shortcomings, of both…
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High expectations for GBPA’s role in restoration

Grand Bahama Port Authority

The Government of The Bahamas, definitely has the high obligation for the stability of the nation, and the well-being of its residents. Freeport is a creature, different from the rest of the inhabited areas of the country, however. By extension, the entire island of Grand Bahama, to a great degree, feeds off how the quasi-governance…
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GBPA, Mercy Corps to boost island’s business sector

Afirst phase, inclusive of 100 business places receiving thousands of dollars, up to 10 (thousand), in some cases for revitalization, is huge.  Last week, in a joint announcement, the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) and Mercy Corps informed of the RISE 2020 programme, geared to re-energize micro and small business in Grand Bahama. The GBPA…
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No update provided on UB North Campus

UB North Campus

The Freeport News investigated the grounds of the University of The Bahamas North Campus, Grand Bahama East, and found the complex still severely compromised. Both the main education centre and the dormitory building were badly damaged by Hurricane Dorian, which exited this island on September 3, after several days of destruction. On Monday past, The…
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