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GB’s role vital in country’s Sustainable National Development

K. PETER TURNQUEST, DPM, Minister of Finance

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, K. Peter Turnquest, recently presented ideas on the Sustainable National Development of The Bahamas at the University of The Bahamas-North Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference, which shed light on numerous challenges the country faces and how each can be strategically managed, improving the overall outlook of the country. Providing…
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Cubans continue to make risky high seas’ trek

HANDED OVER – Another group of Cuban migrants who were unsuccessful in their goal to reach U.S. soil after departing Cuba, where handed over to local Immigration officers on Monday, April 9. The five men and one woman were processed, and later flown to the capital. (PHOTO COURTESY OF BID)

The Bahamas Immigration Department was summoned to the Lucayan Harbour in Freeport for the fourth time, in the last seven days, to meet up with a United States Coast Guard (USCG) cutter to collect another group of Cuban migrants, who were unsuccessful in their goal to reach U.S. soil after departing Cuba. Napthali Cooper, Bahamas…
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GB jobless rate fell to 12%

Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson

According to Senator Kwasi Thompson – in his Budget Report communication in the Senate yesterday (Monday, April 9) – Grand Bahama’s jobless rate fell by 30 basis points to 12.1 percent. Sen. Thompson’s statement came as he quoted from the Central Bank report, which made reference to several areas, including construction in the country, domestic…
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Attributes of a great leader highlighted at Leadership Enhancement Seminar

LEADERSHIP SEMINAR PANEL – Rotary Club of Freeport Immediate Past President Darren Cooper (right); Anglican Diocese Rev’d Marie Roach-Hepburn (seated second left); Mary, Star of the Sea Catholic Academy Principal Joye Ritchie-Greene (seated third left) and Pineridge Member of Parliament Rev. Frederick McAlpine (at podium) made up the panel for the Pilot Club of Lucaya’s Leadership Enhancement Seminar held on Saturday, April 7 at the Wallace Groves Auditorium. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

The Pilot Club of Lucaya held a Leadership Enhancement Seminar on Saturday, April 7 at the Wallace Groves Auditorium under the theme, ‘The Greatest Leaders are the Best Servants,’ with various community leaders and young people in attendance. Kira Cox, Pilot Club of Lucaya president revealed her delight with the caliber of panelists selected to…
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