300 plus registered for 2017 JA Program

Junior Achievement (JA) held its 2017 orientation on Saturday, October 14 at the Bishop Michael Eldon School Auditorium under the theme ‘Cultivating Great Minds.’ The Freeport News spoke to JA Grand Bahama Program Manager, Ron Dames, about the event and plans for the new year. Dames told this daily that JA Grand Bahama is celebrating…
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Feeding the children becomes a family affair

Members of the Martin family that are descendants of Luther and Emma Martin took part in an island-wide scavenger hunt, recently, in an effort to raise funds for the Feed the Children Program. Proceeds from the event were presented to Maurice Moore Primary School to assist the children in need.

Persistent low rumbling of an empty stomach alerted Maurice E. Moore Primary School Administrator Deidre Martin-Ewing to the fact that one of her students arrived to class without having the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Praying that the snack time bell would ring soon enough, giving the child the perfect opportunity to satiate…
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MPs meet with GB small business owners

Tensions have been high between the Grand Bahama small business owners’ community and The Bahamas Government, as it relates to the reported “red tape” and “exorbitant fines” levied by a newly implemented Bahamas Customs Task Force charged with the collection of government revenue, as well as assisting with the prevention of illegal transactions at the…
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Garvey plans to run for PLP top post

Troy Garvey, Activist

Local Activist Troy Garvey launched his campaign for candidacy as the leader of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), during a press conference on Sunday, October 15. Garvey’s announcement comes a week ahead of the PLP’s Convention, which is scheduled for October 22 - 25. Garvey said that he wanted to be the voice of the…
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