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GB Sanitation Services make move toward Improving service

IMPROVING SERVICE – After years of providing superior garbage collection services to residents on Grand Bahama, Sanitation Services is hoping to bring its operation even more in line with international standards. The move would see the company’s fleet of trucks outfitted with tippers eliminating traditional hindrances to garbage collection. (Photo courtesy of Grand Bahama Sanitation for Barefoot Marketing)

Known as the ‘Magic City,’ Freeport has long been hailed for its planned residential communities and clean streets. This has been due largely in part to the superior standard in waste management and garbage collection set by Grand Bahama’s Sanitation Services Company, over many years. As the island’s population has swelled and shifted however, scores…
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BTC a leader in supporting women

Sponsors – BTC was a title sponsor of this year’s FIDA Conference. In addition to providing delegates with Free WiFi and gift bags for visiting delegates but aldo access to an onsite BTC pop-up shop with phone and Internet accessories. (Photo Courtesy of BTC for Barfoot Marketing)

A BTC Release The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) was well represented during the International Federation of Lawyers (FIDA) convention recently in Grand Bahama. BTC’s Northern Vice President, Eldri-Ferguson Mackey, was a guest speaker at the third day of sessions at the 36th Triennial International Convention, at which over 70 FIDA affiliated nations were represented during…
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Popular Platinum Knights promised Aliv’s assistance

Aliv presented the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group with a check to assist with the organization’s preparation for the 2018 New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade.

Aliv and Platinum Knights are teaming up once again. Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group led by Thomas Curry Jr. and Wycliffe Barnett has obtained for the second consecutive year, the support of Aliv LTE Network, which presented the organization with a check on Monday, November 13, to aid preparations for the upcoming 2018 New Year’s Day…
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Local chocolate company becoming country’s ‘favorite sweet tooth’

The mother-daughter team of Daphne Ormerod-Cates and Amanda Ormerod-Mullen introduced their brand of artisanal chocolates in 2010 on Grand Bahama Island. Since then the company has had its products carried by some of the country’s most exclusive hotel properties, upscale events and festivals in the islands.

Chocolate is arguably one of the greatest gifts given to us by Mother Earth. It’s scientific name Theobroma cacao translates literally to “food of the Gods”. It is no surprise then that this delicacy is widely sought after. Bootleg Chocolates, Grand Bahama’s premier artisanal chocolate boutique and factory, is not illegal in the 700 islands…
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