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Being out of bounds is more than a call in a football game

Dear Readers, I believe the word “Rude” should be taken out of the Bahamian dictionary. I make this declaration since the average Bahamian describes every undesirable behavior of a child, as rude. While the orthodox definition of rude generally floats around words such as impolite, unmannerly, discourteous and ill mannered, deciding what is “rude,” is…
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Sickle Cell Disease (A Bahamian Story)

September is Sickle Cell month and historically Sickle Cell was first described in 1910 by a dental student. In The Bahamas, beginning in December 1, 1973 to March 26, 1974, a small group consisting of Jacob Cooper, Rand Memorial Lab Supervisor (Treasurer); Gwendolyn Hamilton-Claude (secretary); Edward Claude (Patient and Public Relations Officer) and myself Dr.…
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Us TOO group continues strong prostate cancer-related focus

Dr. Andrew Moxey

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is fast approaching and Dr. Andrew Moxey, Us TOO Grand Bahama Chapter, during a press briefing held at the Chamber of Commerce recently, announced a list of activities planned for the designated September. Supported by officials of the organization, which include Us TOO Screening Coordinator & Sponsorship Drive Chairman Don Mitchell,…
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The benefits of goats’ milk to babies

In 1974 in Grand Bahama there was a serious outbreak of the winter virus vomiting, and gastroenteritis. The Rand Memorial Hospital utilized more than half of its beds for this epidemic of gastroenteritis and I was the only physician practicing as child’s doctor. After receiving a pediatric scholarship I did an externship at the pediatric…
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