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The Silo Effect

This topic is very “hot” today as in more and more areas of life we find it to be relevant and important. Introduction The TV show Carinene hosted by Bishop Gomez had a special guest Mr. Stubbs, and he, the very knowledgeable gentleman expressed his views that many of our Bahamian problems lie in the…
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Local ‘Doc’ shares the cons of medical cannabis

GUEST PRESENTER – Dr. Kevin Bethel a guest presenter at the 18th Annual Educational and Scientific Conference 2018 shared information about his lecture on the negative effects of cannabis. (PHOTO: JENNEVA RUSSELL)

Dr. Kevin Bethel, Medical Director and Specialist in Family Medicine and Functional Medicine at the Freeport Family Medicine Center made a presentation on the cons of medical cannabis at the recently held 18th Annual Grand Bahama Medical and Dental Association (GBMDA) Conference. “I’m going to explain in great detail what the endocannabinoid system is why…
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Plastics and Styrofoam = DIOXIN

Congratulations to Dr. Minnis and his government for deciding to officially BAN plastic cups and spoons and styrofoam. The health indications were overwhelming as I have stated in previously articles. Miss Gail Woon is to be particularly lauded for her attempts to educate the public on the effect of “small plastics” on fish in the…
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Chef Shoniquer Moncur to showcase vegan benefits

VEGAN DEMO – Shoniquer Moncur (right), the creative culinary mind behind the vegan inspired dishes served by New Life, will showcase the benefits of eating healthy while offering participants insights into how to make their vegan options more appealing. She is pictured offering a live demonstration during a recent event on Grand Bahama Island. (Photo courtesy of New Life Vegetation for Barefoot Marketing)

Not to be out done by the work of her well renowned husband – nutritionist and herbalist, Jamal Moncur – Chef Shoniquer Moncur and her healthy culinary creations will take centre stage at the upcoming the New Life event: ‘Prevention is the Path to Cure.’ The seminar which will showcase the amazing success stories of…
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