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CBE teaching persons how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Tarentee Laing, Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) Managing Nutrition Advisor and Fitness Trainer

Cardio Blast Experience (CBE) Managing Nutrition Advisor and Fitness Trainer, Tarentee Laing, delivered an awe-inspiring presentation on the topic, “The Call to a Healthy Lifestyle,” during a Rotary Club of Lucaya (RCL) meeting held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at Ruby Swiss Restaurant. Carol Rolle, RCL President along with Rotarians and guests listened intently to…
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You are what you eat

Dr. Roopi, ABBA Dream Hebrew Y’Israelites, Essenses of Rev. Panza

The most recent statistics out of the Bahamian Ministry of Health shows that 80 percent of our Bahamian children are overweight and that some 28.5 percent of that number are clinically obese. When I graduated medical school in 1971, gout was a rare diagnosis in black people especially men. However, my first patient this morning…
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Bahamian official applauds public health approach to treatment of drug use at CICAD

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA (BIS) April 25, 2017 – The Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission’s decision to take a public health approach to the treatment of drug use and related disorders is one that should be embraced, Rochelle Basden, Deputy Director of Psychological Services at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre in The Bahamas, told delegates attending the Third…
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