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Dear Readers, On Wednesday past, I was driving home from work, when I was led to telephone a relative. She answered the phone in an excitable manner and this prompted me to ask if all was well. She disclosed that she was currently in the emergency room of a local hospital, explaining how she felt…
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Dr. Roberts discusses universal health care

DR. ROBIN ROBERTS, National Health Insurance Authority, Chairman

Universal health care was the focus of discussions at the recent Grand Bahama Health Service’s (GBHS) World Health Day (WHD) Forum held Tuesday (April 9). WHD was officially observed on April 7, 2019. National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Chairman Dr. Robin Roberts, was the guest speaker for the event which was held in the Rand…
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The eye in infancy and childhood

I have been seeing an outbreak of “pink eye” - Conjunctivitis – in my office recently and I received phone calls from Nassau from patients having the same symptoms of conjunctivitis. CONJUNCTIVITIS – Commonly called “pink eye” by patients, is a very contagious bacterial and viral infection of the conjunctiva (or white) of the eyes.…
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If you can’t find loyalty in a person, get a dog

Dear readers, I have come to the conclusion, if you say you have worked as hard as a dog; you really have not worked hard. In my humble opinion, most dogs observed, sleep all day!! In a few past articles, I introduced you to Teddy Bear, my long hair, Chihuahua. Teddy is nine years old…
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