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Sixteen successful in Substance Use Disorders Training Course

The Grand Bahama Health Services in conjunction with the United States Embassy held a closing ceremony for the first Cohort of ECHO Training Bahamas, an International Center for Certification and Education Universal Treatment for Substance Use Disorders.

Sixteen professionals recently participated in the Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS) and United States Embassy First Cohort of ECHO Training Bahamas ICCE for Substance Use Disorders Closing Ceremony in the foyer of the Rand Memorial Hospital on Friday, September 22. Michelle Lundy, GBHS Clinical Psychologist and Colombo Plan Internationally Certified Addiction Professional coordinated the ceremony…
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Living in The Bahamas develops a conscience

Dear Readers, Many years ago, my sister, who is well travelled, told me that living in The Bahamas develops a conscience in people. By that phrase, she meant, it is difficult to live in The Bahamas and not have a strong awareness of God. This is a powerful thought. I was reminded of this conversation…
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September – Sickle Cell Month

This is Sickle Cell Month, and since sickle cell is an illness primarily and prominently of blacks, it is evident that the same lack of respect is afforded the presses not giving coverage to this disease as it would other white dominant diseases. Signs of Sickle Cell trait disease: 1. Anemia 2. Arthritis 3. Acute…
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Being out of bounds is more than a call in a football game

Dear Readers, I believe the word “Rude” should be taken out of the Bahamian dictionary. I make this declaration since the average Bahamian describes every undesirable behavior of a child, as rude. While the orthodox definition of rude generally floats around words such as impolite, unmannerly, discourteous and ill mannered, deciding what is “rude,” is…
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