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Stress vs Shallom (peace)

Medically, today stress is said to be the main cause of many diseases - especially those labelled psycho-somatic illness. My good friend and musician Phil Stubbs of Cat Island sang:- Monday stress - Tuesday stress, even Sunday, the ONE REST DAY, stress. Monday is often called a manic Monday. Even I had once been labelled…
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Those terrible teeth talk

When I was a young person, I foolishly use to open coke bottles with my teeth. The result was broken and chipped dentition. Please do not be so foolish. However, my subject today is how foolishly many Bahamians are digging their graves with their teeth. The teeth problem I refer to is not our very…
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Infertility and Impotence

The medical world is seeing a rise in these two conditions, which hardly bothered persons in the past. I know of a family in Abaco who had 23 children all single births. My grandfather Ricardo DeGregory had 39 children. My parents had 14 children – 10 are still alive. I will be 72 in four…
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Halitosis (bad breath) in kids

The word Halitosis refers to the unpleasant odors that come from mouth and nose and it is the scientific nomenclature for BAD BREATH. When one has little children, the care of the mouth and nose is very important to their general health. However, it is an area that is often either neglected or poorly pursued.…
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