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New Medical Chief of Staff at PMH

The Public Hospitals Authority is pleased to announce that Dr. Caroline Burnett-Garraway has been appointed Medical Chief of Staff for the Princess Margaret Hospital with effect from August 2017. With more than two and half decades as a physician in the public health sector, Dr. Burnett-Garraway brings a wealth of training and experience to her…
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Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (Aflatoxin)

Recently, I learned that a young man died in Grand Bahama after eating BARRACUDA. This stirred me to again inform my reading public about eating fish. Personally I have been poisoned by a mid-sized barracuda on Walker’s Cay. My brother Edwin was badly poisoned from Barracuda poisoning while working at South Riding Point - now…
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Department of Social Services, National Insurance Board and Ministry of Health Government Clinic workers honored at Jubilee Cathedral West

Members of the Ministry of Health Government Clinic, Eight Mile Rock were honored on Sunday past by the congregation and senior pastor of Jubilee Cathedral West. Pastor Ed Armbrister, is pictured with some of the health care workers. (PHOTO COURTESY OF DEREK CARROLL)

Jubilee Cathedral Church West held an Appreciation Service for hardworking staff members of the Department of Social Services (DSS), National Insurance Board (NIB) and the Ministry of Health Government Clinic, Eight Mile Rock this past Sunday, July 30, 2017. Senior Pastor Rev. Ed Ambrister and Bishop Godfrey R. Williams, Jubilee’s Overseer, both paused to extend…
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Ethnobotanicals and human health

Dr. Roopi, ABBA Dream Hebrew Y’Israelites, Essenses of Rev. Panza

“The true secret of robust health: Vim, Vigor and Vitality” When you buy a cadillac, you must use the Cadillac booklet to maintain your automobile in its maximum function. Also, only the Cadillac dealer knows how to repair your Cadillac at its best. It has taken me almost half a century to appreciate the fact…
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