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The eye in infancy and childhood

I have been seeing an outbreak of “pink eye” - Conjunctivitis – in my office recently and I received phone calls from Nassau from patients having the same symptoms of conjunctivitis. CONJUNCTIVITIS – Commonly called “pink eye” by patients, is a very contagious bacterial and viral infection of the conjunctiva (or white) of the eyes.…
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If you can’t find loyalty in a person, get a dog

Dear readers, I have come to the conclusion, if you say you have worked as hard as a dog; you really have not worked hard. In my humble opinion, most dogs observed, sleep all day!! In a few past articles, I introduced you to Teddy Bear, my long hair, Chihuahua. Teddy is nine years old…
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Alkaline water plus OZONE

The sign in front of my medical centre says, THE 13TH OZONE ZONE, and there is only one individual, an 11-year-old child, who asked me to explain what it meant. Another very astute Rasta man came to the conclusion that I had secretly put the name of God…”O N E” Torah says, “Hear OH Israel…
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Dr. Storr continuing her mentor’s legacy in dentistry

AT WORK – Dr. Jillian Storr is pictured at work, where she is continuing the legacy of her mentor the late Dr. Hayward Romer.

The late noted dentist, Dr. Hayward Romer, wanted his legacy in the field of dentistry to continue and to ensure that happens he left instructions for his mentee, Dr. Jillian Storr to take over the practice. Dr. Romer, who passed away on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, last wish became a reality. During an interview with…
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