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Servant Leadership

Leading well starts by being a great servant. Leading well has nothing to do with our age, less about ability and more about our attitude in serving. The posture of our spirit in carrying out our assigned duties. If you are leading, but not serving, you will find ineffectiveness. But if you are serving greatly…
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The advantage of adversit

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” ~ William Arthur Ward As a child, I hated the idea of living on the Island of Andros. Life was tough. My single mother made me carry buckets of water for the household, sometimes go in the field, and many days walk almost 50 miles…
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The Power of Vision

The Law of Vision and of sight says, “whatever you focus on is what manifests in material reality for you.” People who can see are common. But folk with VISION are Rare. The Greatest Gift God ever gave man was not the gift of sight but that of VISION. Sight is a function of the…
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Fresh Oil

Just as in the natural, our seasons change, so do we change seasons in the realm of the Spirit. The old season is passed and the Lord is making all things new. We must now forget the former things and press forward into what is being released in this hour. The Holy Spirit spoke clearly…
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