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Show Up Part II

From our article last week, we learnt one important fact about church growth and that is, members must show up. You see when we fail to show up for service we can miss a move of God. This is crucial because we are in a dispensation whereby God is pouring out his spirit upon all…
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Equipped to Win

A lot of time people rate success by volume and quantity. Perhaps, this would be fine except the book of Judges 7 defines God’s formula for success. Gideon was about to wage war on the enemy of the Lord. Ironically, at the time, Gideon thought it was necessary to take a large platoon to gain…
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Can’t Touch This

Did you know that you are the “…apple of God’s eye (Zechariah 2:8)?” There is absolutely nothing the devil can do to you unless God allows it (Job 1:12). In any event, if God permits the enemy to attack you in any way, form or fashion, it is only because God knows that you are…
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An appetite for God

Have you ever been in a dry place where there is no water? Have you ever been hungry and longed to be filled? It appears that the world today has no hunger or thirst for the Lord. The gospel of prosperity has filled our appetites while our thriving for success has quenched our thirst for…
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