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Breaking Point

I recall running a long-distance race, when suddenly I ran out of breath. Soon, I started to walk because there was no more drive to trot. Not long after, a truck pulled up to offer me a ride to the finish spot. For a moment, I was faced with a difficult decision to make; should…
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I don’t mind waiting on you Lord

When a woman becomes pregnant, there must be a seven to nine months period of waiting before she can actually touch or see the bundle of joy living inside of her. The process of waiting is not an easy one for an expected mother. It involves, discomfort, aches, anxiety, some get depressed, mode swings, weight…
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Stay Focussed

In Acts 28 Paul was shipwrecked ashore on Malta. While trying to make a fire to keep warm, he was suddenly attacked by a venomous viper. Although the occurrence should have triggered a state of confusion, Paul however, remained focused and shook off the serpent. Many times, we, like Paul are attacked in unsuspected ways…
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Show up – The Conclusion

Exodus 20:8 says, "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy". Fror some Christians, the Sabbath is on Saturday, while others set Sunday aside as their Sabbath. Part of keeping the Sabbath holy, has to do with our worship to God. Our worship is intensified through the unity of the brethren which is developed through…
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