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The Promises of God

When we recall our childhood days, we can all identify at least one event whereby we anticipated receiving something that was promised to us. Whether the commitment was made by a parent, guardian, teacher or some other adult, we can all testify of how excited we became once that pledge was fulfilled. With God, there…
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Thankful Hearts and Giving Hands

1 Thessalonians 5:18 declares that we should “give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Given the time we are living in, there is little that we can find to give thanks for. Nevertheless, the word of God admonishes us to search deeper so that we can develop…
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Breaking Point

I recall running a long-distance race, when suddenly I ran out of breath. Soon, I started to walk because there was no more drive to trot. Not long after, a truck pulled up to offer me a ride to the finish spot. For a moment, I was faced with a difficult decision to make; should…
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I don’t mind waiting on you Lord

When a woman becomes pregnant, there must be a seven to nine months period of waiting before she can actually touch or see the bundle of joy living inside of her. The process of waiting is not an easy one for an expected mother. It involves, discomfort, aches, anxiety, some get depressed, mode swings, weight…
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