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It is your gift, not you that will make room for you

Someone! Anyone! For your gift to make room for you, your gift must be on display for it to be recognized. Your gifts are the keys that will release you into your destiny! God in his infinite wisdom has already conditioned the hearts, sight and ears of others to search and give special attention to…
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God has setup an ambushment against your enemies

The word ambushment, which comes from the word ambush is defined as making a surprise attack on someone or some group. It also means to conceal oneself with the intent to attack suddenly and unexpectedly, from a concealed position. With that said, scripture records in 2 Chronicles 20:1 - 37 that the children of Moab…
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Gaining control in our dreams

Understanding one’s dream will automatically equal understanding one’s life. It is so unfortunate that folks ignore or not see the necessity of discovering the hidden messages hidden in their dreams. Today I want us to explore the understanding of taking or gaining control in our dreams. Can you recall having a dream and in this…
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Is your relationship bound by witchcraft?

Okay, parents, this one is for you! So you don’t like your son’s girlfriend or your daughter’s boyfriend. Maybe you would have preferred if your son had married someone else or your daughter had made a better choice in marrying. In spite of the above scenarios parents, you do not have the right to disrupt,…
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