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Is your relationship bound by witchcraft?

Okay, parents, this one is for you! So you don’t like your son’s girlfriend or your daughter’s boyfriend. Maybe you would have preferred if your son had married someone else or your daughter had made a better choice in marrying. In spite of the above scenarios parents, you do not have the right to disrupt,…
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Manifestation from dreams

Man! Aren’t we in for an awesome teaching today? I promise you that after today’s teaching your understanding of dreams will be taken to another level. Scripture tells us that in all our getting, get understanding, Proverbs 4:7. Scriptures also remind us that wisdom rests in the hearts of those that have understanding, Proverbs 14:33.…
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Speak Life

Yes, this is the month of August, where everyone is basically pulling their hair out of their head as to how they’re going to meet school fees, school supplies, will the scholarship come through, etc., etc., etc. Well, I want to say to someone today who has made worry, anxiety and fear a three-course meal…
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Beware of ‘familiar spirits’

Minister Kevin Ewing

Dreaming of dead people? Be it relatives, friends, former co-works or unknown folks are NEVER good dreams. The folks that you see in your dream that you know to be dead in reality are FAMILIAR SPIRITS! These spirits are familiar with the deceased and therefore are experts at imitating them. Scripture says the following concerning…
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