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Stop being passive and fight!

I become so annoyed when I hear lazy Christians make statements such as: “Well child I leave it to God”, “Well it don’t make no sense fighting’ this is God’s battle” “Anyhow this will work for my good no matter what they do.” I want to make abundantly clear that in spite of the above…
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The Royal Law

The Royal law! Immediately our minds gravitate toward relationship to a king or a queen. This type of thinking is a correct way of thinking because the word royal is defined as pertaining to a king, queen or sovereign rule or monarchy. This being the case, having set our foundation for this teaching, we will…
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2018 theme: We will not put up with that mess no more

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the year of our Lord 2018! We have entered a year of “ACTION”. 2017 was a year we received through all of the teachings, the necessary wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. 2018, is the year that we put into ACTION what we’ve learned. For those that engaged in any…
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Beware: The Spirit of Delilah is subtly affecting your life

There are many of you whose wealth, prosperity and life’s advancements are tied to ideas, dreams and future aspirations that God Almighty has placed deep within you. However, your inability to keep things to yourself and your naive way of thinking has led you to believe that because you desire good for others, this constitutes…
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