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Limitations and restrictions set by false prophecies

Someone has spoken an evil prophetic word over your life under the disguise that it was a word from the Lord and as a result, one of two things has happened and is currently happening to you. 1. It has re-routed your God-given destiny 2. The evil prophecy that was spoken over your life has…
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Spiritual food!

Have you read your Bible this morning? What about for the week? What about for the year? If your answers were no, then I can assure you that this could be the source of the uncertainty, anger, frustration and confusion in your life. Here is why. You are a spirit living in a physical body.…
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Miscellaneous dreams

Dreams of yourself climbing a mountain or hill represents struggles and hardship. Dreaming of yourself going up in an elevator, but the elevator all of a sudden stops; such a dream is indicating that the spirit of anti-progress has been let loose in your life and is fighting your advancement and promotion. Dreaming of being…
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Your dreams are revealing that blessings are on the way

Due to the influx of emails that I have been receiving concerning dreams of things, places and people of the past, such as dreaming of your former school, your childhood home, a previous job, old apartment, etc. Such dreams are indicators that the spirits of setback and delay have been released against you in the…
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