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Mountains are moving, walls are falling

Mountains are moving, walls are falling in the realm of the spirit. The Lord and God of all hope is making clear your spiritual path for the manifestation of your much awaited release and victory in the natural. School fees will be met! Lending institution loans will be satisfied! Families will be brought back together!…
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Spiritual blindness

Spiritual blindness is being ignorant of things of the spirit. Spiritual blindness doesn’t just happen. Instead, those that are spiritually blind MUST qualify for that position. According to scripture, a person must reject (not believe) the word of God either in part or whole for the Enemy to have legal access in blinding the minds…
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He was more than a man (Part 2)

Continuing on with this most important lesson in the subject of Jesus being a part of the Divine Nature is very important and critical. I felt led by the Spirit to persist on this liberating subject of His Divine Nature, and what it all means for us. Behest and commanded by all means by God…
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