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Dare To Be A Great Woman

As we have been observing National Women’s Week, highlighting the accomplishments of many of women, and directing our girls toward their goals; I would like to encourage all of our women to strive to be the best you can be. More especially, I would admonish you to be your own self and not seek to…
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Marriage Secrets

I don’t know how many times Pastor Phil and I have counseled with married couples, before and after we were married, before and after we became Christians and before and after we started our ministry. One thing we have found is that the marital issues are all common. Couples go through the same problems. The…
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In the spirit of Scholastic Excellence

In just a few short days our little ones, and not so little ones anymore, will be saying goodbye to their short Summer break which fast and furiously disappeared. It was even shorter for those ones who have already returned. As our island and some of the other family islands here in the Commonwealth, continue…
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There’s No Place Like Home

One of my favorite family movies as a child was the Wizard of Oz. I’m sure it is still a favorite of many of you to this day also. While there were many memorable segments in the movie that I can vividly recall, my all-time favorite moment in the entire movie, was when Dorothy clicked…
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