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National Women’s Week, Saluting the Minister’s Wife

I am so thankful that our Prime Minister has declared this week (November 25 – December 1) as National Women’s Week. As women in our country, it gives us a sense of inclusion and worth. Opposite to this, we see within some nations of the world, women are a neglected minority, with no sense of…
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Be encouraged even on dark days

Some days you might just want to scream! You might just want to hit a wall! You might just want to ball up and cry because of circumstances or conditions you are facing but are simply powerless to change. These are some of your dark days. But remember, life is 10 percent what happens to…
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They comfort Me!

Dear friends, today I earnestly take this time to encourage you from the Twenty Third Psalm. This Psalm has been a hallmark of encouragement, comfort and consolation over the years. Many, who have lost their way, find themselves turning to this passage of scripture in the middle of their night season, like a ship in…
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God will never leave us … He is watching the storm

The cycle and system of things continue and life goes on. We are now in the last month of the third quarter of the year and the Fall Season begins on September 22. This means that school has already begun, parents have scampered and some have struggled to ensure that their children were ready to…
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